Sebastien Clamorgan


Sebastien Clamorgan and Venia International support for the “Badagry MegaPort and Free Zone” project

5 Mag , 2020  

Sebastien Clamorgan is a successful professional and entrepreneur. The company that he founded, Venia International, during several years of activities undertook many projects and partnerships across multiples sectors of the industry. Thanks to the success of these initiatives, Venia International is now a key regional player in the MENA area. The company invests in many […]



Trucklog LTD: Venia International (founded by Sebastien Clamorgan) is an indirect shareholder

28 Nov , 2019  

Venia International, the global consulting and investment firm led by Sebastien Clamorgan, supports Trucklog LTD activities in order to improve safety across transport businesses in Nigeria. Recently Trucklog received recognitions in the Truck Availability Awards decreed by LAFARGE.     Sebastien Clamorgan's support for Trucklog LTD Trucklog Limited is a haulage company registered in 2015. […]



The Clamorgans: Sebastien Clamorgan’s figure as a businessman and his noble family

14 Nov , 2019  

Sebastien Clamorgan is a successful businessman and entrepreneur, leading the global film Venia International since the early 1990s. He is also committed to keeping alive the memory of his noble family, the Clamorgans: Madeleine Clamorgan, his great grandmother, is one of the most relevant figures belonging to the dynasty.   Sebastien Clamorgan as an entrepreneur […]



Sebastien Clamorgan’s great grandmother Madeleine: a teacher and a philosopher

6 Nov , 2019  

Madeleine Clamorgan is one of the most representative figures in Clamorgan's noble dynasty. She was a literate, a writer, a philosopher and a teacher and she founded various catholic schools in France. Sebastien Clamorgan, an entrepreneur and a businessman, is her great grandson.   Sebastien Clamorgan: Madeleine Clamorgan's schools As a successful entrepreneur, Sebastien Clamorgan […]

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